Monday, July 6, 2009

Interactive Ending to Amazing Tour

TeamBuilding/Unlimited was hired to customize an event to take place during the final dinner of a week adventure tour of Northern California. This tour group has several of these family tours taking place throughout the summer, and we're working on all of them.

Starting in the Lake Tahoe area and continuing through Yosemite and San Francisco, this is an adventure tour that includes shooting the rapids, rock climbing, biking the Golden Gate bridge and so much more.

Murder on the Menu/TeamBuilding Unlimited wanted to produce an event that would capture all these adventures and end in an upbeat and positive way! We did it! Our main contact who was on the first trip said, "this event exceeded my expectations." Can't get much better than that!

What we did was produce a very special version of Hollywood Casting Call. In this Hollywood themed Team Builder, the participants "auditioned" from customized scripts—-take-offs of famous films that included different experiences from their trip with lots of personalization based on information we received throughout the week from the tour guides. We had a Western-themed movie, of course, but we also had a Star Trek movie, Casablana ("We'll always have San Francisco"), and several other genre movie themes. Live music, costumes, special "acting lessons" and "Oscars" made this event interactive, entertaining, hilarious and rewarding. The evening ended with a 'musical,' as the entire group sang "Happy Trails".

Can't wait for the next group. Since the tour guides are on all the tours, we've mixed it up. Different scripts for different folks. One of the couples said they had been on several tours with this same company--to Europe and other parts of the U.S., but that "This was far and away the best final event we've ever experienced." What a great ending for a great trip.

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