Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chocolate Challenge: Chocolate Chateaux

Over 50 Genentech participants showed their unlimited creativity, enormous energy, sophisticated style and creative cooperation during a fast paced TeamBuilding Unlimited Chocolate Challenge Construction team building activity. When given the exciting task of designing, creating and building the ultimate Chocolate Chateau, the teams launched in ten separate directions. Each team had a vision, but would they realize their sweet goals? Would there be a moment when a structure fell in on itself and these non engineers would have to rethink the process?

During the course of the event, many other questions were raised? What are the mechanical physics of chocolate? What stresses and strains can chocolate products undergo before the breaking point is reached? How much of the chocolate would be consumed and diminish the supply of building materials? Would each team complete its goals before the facilitator yelled, “Stop your construction and move away from the table”? And which team garnered enough votes to earn top rewards for its efforts.

These questions were answered and the final resulting structures ranged from a typical English castle, turrets and all, to the sturdy, blocky fortress chateaux that were frequently under siege, to a British style of chateau and several in between. Several teams added moats, drawbridges and gardens were added.

The winners were selected by the contestants themselves, after much cheering and applauding. This was another great example of teams working together, appreciating individual skills and ideas, learning, bonding and showing how they can quickly change from one mode of sharing to another.

Another great event from TeamBuilding Unlimited/Murder on the Menu.

And the review from the Planner: "Thank you so much for putting the team builder together. Everyone had so much fun and really enjoyed themselves. Frank was WONDERFUL!
I am looking forward to working with the both of you again soon."


Carol said...

great idea, any final photos?

Janet Rudolph said...

Yes, I'll see if I have room on the Blog to post one.