Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Murder on the Menu/HR Team

Who wouldn't want to partner with a company that promises to provide health and welfare benefits to employees on a large scale? That was the premise of the Murder on the Menu interactive mystery event presented last night for the International HR Team from Macrovision Solutions. It soon became clear that "our" potential partner company had problems not only with their product but with their finances and personnel. Pretty risky investment, and one that Macrovision Solutions was not about to make. But it was all in fun, and the HR Team quickly got swept up in the Crime of their Life!

This mystery event was not purely entertainment. The goals of the meeting, agenda, and jargon and buzzwords were interwoven into the evening's performance. In addition, it was a team building event as each table became a team as they had to solve the 4 crimes that took place during their dinner. A little play, a little business makes for a fun evening!

Murder on the Menu's amazing actors kept the group guessing until the very end. Then it was all business as the teams figured out who did what and why.

The setting was the beautiful atrium of the Hotel Sainte Claire in downtown San Jose. The catering and service by Il Fornaio was terrific. After a day of meetings, this group was ready for a lighter approach to their HR issues as the Murder on the Menu production reinforced the themes of their meeting.

What a wonderful group. Everyone participated in the mystery. The interaction of the guests is what makes Murder on the Menu events so much fun.

So glad to see businesses meeting again!

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