Saturday, June 27, 2015

11 Secrets of Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding? Be sure to read these 11 Secrets of Wedding Planners from Mental Floss.

You already know that they're in charge of pulling the behind-the-scenes strings on the big day, but we asked a collection of real wedding planners to anonymously share what they wish brides and grooms knew about their job. 

1. It’s not a party for the planner. 

Sure, you may be dancing the night away and enjoying the full bar, but planners are on the clock. “While we think it’s very sweet that you invite vendors to sit at a table during the reception to eat like the rest of your guests, we really want to go in that side room or closet and scarf down our food in peace—and let our hair down and discuss the crazy aunt at your reception,” says one planner. Not that they need to retreat to a private room to discuss the couple’s crazy families: “We wear ear buds and talk about the drunk or inappropriate guests at your wedding to each other.”

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bikes for Kids: Charity Challenges

TeamBuilding Unlimited does over 15 different Charity Challenge events. Great TeamBuilding that gives back! TeamBuilding Unlimited recently worked with 100 Wharton School MBA candidates on a Bikebuilding Leadership Event. The group made 25+ Bikes that were donated to the Bay Sheriff's Association. Children in need all over the San Francisco Bay Area benefited from this great event!

Here are a few of TeamBuilding Unlimited's Charity Challenge. Fulfill your Corporate Community Service!

Bikes for Kids
Blankets of Hope
Bears that Care
Wheelchairs for Mobility
Food for the Fair-Way to Life: Mini-Golf Building
Rocking Horses for Tots
Operation Red Wagon

Contact TeamBuilding Unlimited for more information. Groups of 5 to 250. Anywhere in the U.S.