Monday, March 26, 2012

Presidio Discovery Quest: Team Building Unlimited

TeamBuilding Unlimited will guide your group through an incredible DiscoveryQuest in the Presidio, one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most historical sites, and a National Park. This DiscoveryQuest will be customized to include this unique location as well as your company,  participants, and goals and objectives.

For 218 years, the Presidio served as an army post for three nations that included world and local events, from military campaigns to the rise of aviation, from World Fairs to earthquakes. They all left their mark. This DiscoveryQuest will allow for exploring centuries of architecture, reflecting in a national cemetery, and walking through an historic airfield, forests, and beaches.

Throughout the Presidio DiscoveryQuest, teams will answer questions, take guesses, make observations. An incredible variety of clues—all different and challenging—from road rallye to word puzzles—will bring out the best of the Presidio as well as each team's creativity and perspicacity.

Because the area includes so many possible locations, this DiscoveryQuest "walking tour" has some twists and turns that will allow the teams to make many fun decisions and overcome several challenges.

Your participants will also "Discover" a lot about their group and team-mates! What a fabulous setting and event to accomplish this!

The final portion of the Scavenger Quest will be in the form of a presentation to determine the winner Presentations are a very fun and important part of the Hunt!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Suspended Meeting Rooms

From comes these photos of Modern Conference Rooms designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects for Nykredit headquarters building in Copenhagen, Denmark.

These unusual floating meeting rooms are suspended in the air 50 feet above ground. Talk about a captive audience.