Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Olive Oil Tasting: Culinary Team Building

TeamBuilding Unlimited has added a new culinary team event with an Artisan Olive Oil Tasting.

Our Foodie Facilitator guides you through the world of olive oil-- as participants taste and dip. Our Olive Oil Tasting is designed to refine the palate in terms of great, artisan-made olive oil. Participants learn about the history and culture of olive oil while tasting one of the essential building blocks of western.

Participants will taste Olive Oil from Italy, France, Greece, Spain and California. Each region produces oils with different character and appeal based on the differences in climate, soil, variety of olive and processing method.  Participants will ‘experience’ these different oils with different flavor profiles.

Is the bouquet floral like honey or lime blossom, fruity like mango or green apple, vegetal like artichoke or fennel, or spicy like pepper or dark chocolate? And, what does it taste like?

This Olive Oil Tasting is like a wine tasting… sip, swirl, smell—dip—and taste!

TeamBuilding Unlimited provides Foodie Facilitator, Olive Oils, tasting cards, sourdough bread, Olive oils, surprises, “Prizes” and more.

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