Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Charity Challenge: Operation Red Wagon

Teambuilding Unlimited leads your team in an interactive fun and philanthropic Charity Challenge: Operation Red Wagon

The Red Wagon has become a symbol of American childhood. Teams work together to build wagons that will be donated to shelters, hospitals or child care centers. Our red wagons feature full-sized all-steel seamless body with no scratch edges, extra-long handle that folds under and steel wheels with semi-pneumatic rubber tires.

The reward for building the Red Wagons is the reward of giving back to the community. What a great team bonding activity for your team!

Charity Challenge: Operation Red Wagon II: Welcome Wagons
This team building event is a twist on our traditional Red Wagon team building event. Wagons are filled with various supplies depending on the receiving organization: Children or Families.  Wagons can be filled with household supplies or children's toys, school supplies or a mixture. We even have an optional Library Wagon that participants fill with Books!

Working together each team becomes part of an even bigger team that makes a difference by providing basic supplies for families in need.

Besides teambuilding skills, a lot of team bonding goes on during this meaningful and fun charity challenge!

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