Tuesday, January 18, 2011

North Beach Scavenger Hunt: Food & Fame

Five Hundred International Sales Executives took to the streets of San Francisco on a rainy Sunday night for a "Film Festival' Foodie Scavenger Hunt. With clues that took them to historical and cultural locations in North Beach, the multi-national group scoured the area, following clues and hints. Rain didn't deter these ardent folks on a mission, as they donned ponchos to 'protect' them from the San Francisco Rain. The rewards? Pasta, wine and chocolate, singing and searching, camaraderie, and a fabulous evening!

At the end of the evening each team utlizing what they had experienced in North Beach, created a scintillating movie poster about their company. Would their film be Film Noir, a Foodie Movie or a Musical? Each team's poster and explanation was hilarious as they brought down the house with mention of their products, their mission and their competitiors!

The teams stopped at Amante, Caffee Delucchi and Colosseo for great pasta and wine. And our singing masters treated each team that sung "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" to San Francisco Ghirardelli Chocolate.

Eating and drinking, teams explored the cultural and historical streets and alleys of North Beach. Deciphering clues to find their way, teams also met with challenges. Teams were treated to a clever fun Scavenger Hunt they'll never forget!

Great Fun was had by all!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wine Country Team Building & Events

TeamBuilding Unlimited loves to work in Wine Country. So many of our clients hold meetings and special events at wineries and wine country properties that we created a special ‘menu’ of wine country specific team building events. Send us an email if you’re planning an event in wine country: Sonoma, Napa, Monterey, Lodi, Paso Robles, Temecula, Livermore or any other wine country area.

Here are just a few team events that are perfect for your Wine Country Meeting or Event! Of course, these events can take place anywhere, but they can all be wine themed!

Perfect for high-energy team building fun in the Vineyards! This series of Wacky Wine Games capitalizes on the locale! Games are customized to include the team, goals and objectives (to have fun!). Games might include: WINE TRIVIA CONTEST, CORK BUILDING TOWER, HARVESTING GRAPES (hilarious 2-3 person team event with catcher’s mitts, grapes & more), MARKETING WINE T-SHIRT (creation, modeling & explanation)
GOLF AMONG THE GRAPES (funny spin on a Hole in One!) and many more!

Prizes for the winning team? Wine, of course!

Wine Country Safari: Scavenger Hunt
The search for adventure begins as resourceful teams gather items related to their meeting, company and the location: Wine Country! Using the diversity of sights, sounds and materials of a specific winery or a location in Wine country such as the town of Sonoma or the Silverado Trail or wherever your event is being held, teams will compete as they comb through the essence of the area's core to provide the winning touch to an exciting scramble.

Teams traverse the location in search of the history and culture and different aspects of wine and wine country. Teams must think outside of the box by exercising creativity, resourcefulness, and decision-making under the pressure of time.  From 2 hours to half or full day events, Wine Country Safari is a great choice for teams seeking adventure and who want to learn about wineries, wine making, and more.

This is a great teambuilding activity for Distributors, Sales, Wine Club Members, and companies that want to have wine fun while they do some teambuilding and team bonding.

The Sangria Challenge 
Teams are challenged to make a very special alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink that includes White and Red Wine and lots of other "secret" ingredients. Teams will be instructed in the basics of wine and Sangria before the culinary portion. This Sangria Challenge will tantalize your taste buds while challenging your knowledge and creativity.

In addition to mixing lemons and lots of other fruits with wine and bubbly water and other "secret" ingredients, each team will develop a marketing plan for their drink, a new logo and slogan, a name for "their" winery and their specific sangria drink and so much more! Our knowledgeable facilitator will educate the group on wine, as well as the history of Sangria.

This is the perfect mixology Wine Country team building event!

Team Wine: The Noir of Wine and Chocolate Tasting
A combination of two great tastes! Chocolate and Wine—to die for… Participants will be given an opportunity to taste, sample and rate different Wines (provided by Winery or Caterer) paired with great Chocolate with different percentages of cacao. As the participants sample each wine, they will use the five “S”, seeing, swirling, smell, sip, and maybe spit, to compare colors, flavors and tastes. Teams will be given a chance to make comments,  keep score and to rate the wines and chocolates that they have tasted, as well as how they pair together.
Have a look at our "Ultimate Chocolate Tasting" for the chocolate portion of this event.

Winery Mystery Party: Fatal Fermentation

Wineries are the perfect location for your next mystery event! Murder on the Menu/TeamBuilding Unlimited has been performing at wineries, hotels and special venues in Wine Country for over 25 years. Murder on the Menu involves you and your guests directly in the action by cleverly interweaving the agenda of your meeting, the jargon of your industry, specific people and ever changing wine themes into the script.

The interactive murder mystery performed by Murder on the Menu's talented group of actors is always related to the goals and objectives of your meeting or special event. Your group's raison d'ĂȘtre is reinforced with the added excitement and vitality of interactive theatre!

Get Your Team Uncorked at a great customized interactive mystery party!
TeamBuilding Unlimited, a division of Murder on the Menu, 
comes to YOUR meeting or conference. Anywhere in the U.S.