Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wacky Mini-OIympic Games

Teambuilding Unlimited loves summer! Our Wacky Mini-Olympic Games are great for your team--in a park, at a special venue, on the beach, at a winery, or even if a conference room (if you must be inside!). 

Our Wacky Mini-Olympic Games are a series of interactive team games that are great team building/team bonding activity. As in the Olympics, not every team member participates in every activity. Many activities are performed at same time. Team captains will select several individuals to compete in each event. Explanation of events, materials for competition, facilitators, team colors, awards and so much more.

The following are some of the possible Events. Suitcase Relay, Frisbee Toss For Accuracy, Hula Hoop For Time, Mummy Wrap, Crab Walk Slalom, Group Cheer, Paper Airplane Making and Toss For Distance, Bocce Ball golf, Cricket softball, and so many more Wacky Imaginative Games all named to reflect your company, team and group.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Murder on the Menu® for your Holiday Party

Looking for a fun holiday party? Murder on the Menu has been performing for holiday parties for 30+ years. Each event is unique and customized for the client to include their goals and objectives (to have fun?), agenda (during a lunch, dinner, reception?), and specific guests. Our professional actors and tech staff and onsite director coordinate the action! Your guests can become as involved as they'd like! That's what makes it so much fun! Contact us for more info. Leave a comment below with your email address, or fill out an RFP on our website.

Murder on the Menu performs at the venue of your choice--anywhere in the world. Don't have a location? We can suggest one for you.  Groups of 5 to 200. Anywhere in the world.