Monday, August 26, 2013

Murder on the Menu at Brassfield Estate Winery

Peter Nachtrieb as Frank T. Lawman
Brassfield Estate Winery in Lake county was the stunning setting for an evening of intrigue and mystery produced by Murder on the Menu. Flappers, gangsters and 'others', dressed to the 'nines', mingled with 'characters' from Murder on the Menu, as they became involved in the Crime of their Lives. 

This evening was the second annual mystery event for Brassfield Estate's Serenity Wine Club. Not only were the guests feted to an outstanding mystery, but they dined on great food by Piper Johnson, and drank wonderful Brassfield Estate Wines. Eruption is a personal favorite!

There were four crimes, lots of clues and innuendos, and great acting by the Murder on the Menu troupe! Whodunit? All was revealed at the end of the evening. Winners received wine and mystery novels! What a great evening.

Next year: Dying on the Vine

Saturday, August 10, 2013