Monday, April 25, 2011

Operation Red Wagon: Two New Charity Challenges

TeamBuilding Unlimited loves doing Charity Challenges. Here are two more philanthropic events for your team!  Contact us for more information. TeamBuilding Unlimited works with groups of 5 to 400. Anywhere in the World.

The Charity Challenge: Operation Red Wagon

The Red Wagon has become a symbol of American childhood. Teams work together to build wagons that will be donated to shelters, hospitals or child care centers. Our Red Wagons feature full-sized all-steel seamless body with no scratch edges, extra-long handle that folds under and steel wheels with semi-pneumatic rubber tires.

Each team will receive the same Red Wagon parts, and our trained facilitators will supervise the event. The reward for building the Wagons is the reward of giving back to the community. What a great teambonding activity for your team! In addition, each team will design and execute a child's t-shirt to go with the donation of the Red Wagon. An optional series of children’s games can be added to this event.

Everyone is a Winner in this Philanthropic Teambuilding Activity!

Operation Red Wagon II: Welcome Wagons

This is a twist on our traditional Red Wagon team building event. Wagons will be filled with various supplies depending on the receiving organization: Children or Families. We even have an optional Library Wagon that participants fill with Books!

Included in this event is everything in Operation Red Wagon I, with the addition that teams will also use their points from the “competitive childrens’ games to ‘shop’ for specific items to include in the wagons. In this format, the high-energy activity quickly shifts from competitive to collaborative while trying to fill all wagons to capacity. Red Wagons can be filled with household supplies or children’s toys, school supplies or a mixture.

Working together each team becomes part of an even bigger team that makes a difference by providing basic supplies for families in need.

Besides teambuilding skills, a lot of team bonding goes on during this meaningful and fun charity challenge!

Team Benefits: 
Give back to the community
Get to know your team
Build team spirit

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trends in Event Planning: Photo Booth

Trends in Event Planning: Photo Booths

One of the fun trends I've seen at a lot of events is the Photo Booth! This is a great idea for meetings, conventions, tradeshows, special events and even weddings.  And, it's not all photos!

Many of the Photo Booth companies have a social media interface and can instantly give attendees a branded photo print to take away or to send instantly by email or facebook. This is great for the event and the participants. On another level, the Photo Booth experience can drive traffic to your  (or you client's) facebook/website.

Phone Booths are so Retro, and what's Retro is new again!

Check for Photo Booth Vendors in your area. Need a special look for your Booth? Many companies have the latest digital models or restored original Vintage Black and White booths from the 50s.

Photo: Frank T. Lawman, Renaissance Club Sport Trade Show

Sunday, April 10, 2011