Saturday, November 19, 2011

MULLED WINE CHALLENGE: TeamBuilding for Your Holiday Party

Spice up your Holiday Party with a “warm” team-building event: The Mulled Wine Challenge. Mulled wine, the vine’s version of a classic hot toddy, is a traditional holiday beverage around the world.

TeamBuilding Unlimited will lead your party-goers in a Mulled Wine Challenge. Teams will make a very special holiday drink that includes Red Wine, other ‘potent’ beverages, holiday spices, oranges and other fruits, cloves, cinnamon and lots of other "secret" ingredients. Teams will be instructed in the basics of Mulled Wine before the culinary portion, but each team will rely on its own creativity to make the very best!

Our Facilitator will describe the history of Mulled Wine, a European holiday drink that takes different incarnations in different countries. Teams will be challenged to a trivia quiz to see how much information they have retained—and also to allow the winning teams to have an advantage of picking their ingredients first in the challenge portion.

This TeamBuilding Unlimited Mulled Wine Challenge will tantalize your taste buds while challenging your knowledge and creativity.

In addition to mixing and cooking lemons and lots of other fruits with wine, other beverages and "secret" ingredients, each team will develop a marketing plan for their drink, a new logo and slogan, a name for "their" winery and their specific holiday warm mulled wine and so much more!

Our knowledgeable facilitator will educate the group on the history of Mulled Wine. The final test, though, is up to your group! Start the holidays with this delicious event!

This is the perfect mixology team-building event!


Jessie at Mulled Wine Recipe said...

Making the mulled wine is one thing, but a marketing campaign as well? How long is this expected to take?

Janet Rudolph said...

Love your site, Jessie, since this is a team building party event, the 'marketing' is a fun way of working together after the 'culinary' portion. Usually an hour or so after making the mulled wine (and waiting for the flavors to blend) with 'branding' the wine--commercial, logo, t-shirt, song and more!

Teambuilding said...

Thanks for the post. Please post more..