Monday, June 21, 2010

Sensational Sandcastle Building

TeamBuilding Unlimited has a fun and interactive teambuilding event for groups meeting at or near the Beach:

Sensational Sandcastle Building

Teams are challenged to construct a "creative" themed Sand Castle. The process is grounded in both the reality and uncertainty of the task. This is not your usual trip to the Beach!

Goals: To Design a Sand Castle (an architectural "masterpiece") using the sand and tools and other materials and information provided.

Company/Group/Goals and Objectives must be included in the final structure in some way. Groups will be judged on creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness and other criteria involved in creative team-building.

What a great way to do some teambuilding/teambonding! Contact us for more information. Groups of 5 to 500.

Our events usually take about 2 hours to 1/2 day, and they are very creative. But if you want to see some incredible sandcastle building, take a look at this article on the World's Most Incredible Sand Festivals. These festivals take place in Australia, British Columbia, Germany and other countries. Locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz has an awesome sand castle building festival.

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