Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chili Cookoff Challenge!

TeamBuilding Unlimited offers several different Culinary Challenges. One of the tastiest is our Chili Cookoff!  in which teams compete to create the Best Chili Ever!

After a brief history of Chili, groups are divided into teams. Each team is given rules, ingredients, hotplate, pot, knives and other materials that they will use in order to develop a great recipe and final product.

Not all team members are “cooks.” Team members select from a variety of different roles and responsibilities, but each team has the same amount of time.

The “Chefs” are given the basic ingredients needed to make a great tasting pot of chili. Chefs experiment on flavor and ingredients, recording their mistakes and successes.

While the Chili is cooking, other team members create either a visual presentation (depends on size of group) and/or marketing campaign to promote their gastronomic creations, chef’s hats with logos (or aprons), sales pitch and Chili Chant.

Teams have 2-4 hours to complete the challenges.

Large Groups: Each team will be given paper and markers and begin the event by creating Chefs' Hats. After preparing the Chili and letting it ‘steep’, teams prepare a visual presentation and Chant for their Chili that includes information on their team, their company, the meeting and their Chili recipe and taste. Depending on the size of the group, there may be a module in which each team prepares an oral ad and marketing plan/supported by visual materials and the Chant.

Judging. Depending on the size of the group, judges chosen from 'within the ranks' choose the best among 5-10 teams with a final “Chili-off”. Judges  make the final determination as to whose “Bowl of Red” is BEST. This is always a blind tasting. There are several different criteria for best Chili that will be introduced at the beginning of the event. Flavor is just one component. Prizes will be awarded for Chili Chant, oral or visual presentation and more.

Debriefing on goals and objectives, communication and more. At the end of the Debriefing, teams taste as much chili as they’d like. Small bowls provided for overall tasting!

The TBU Chili Cookoff goes great with the Sangria Challenge: Pop the Cork!

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