Monday, February 9, 2009

Murder on the Menu corporate event in Napa Valley

Team Building is an important part of our company. However, we haven't abandoned Murder on the Menu, the #1 mystery company in the U.S. Last week we created and produced a special interactive mystery event for Millennium Pharmaceuticals. The mystery was held in The Rhine House at Beringer Winery in Napa Valley. What a fabulous setting! The participants from Millennium were so much fun. They immediately became involved in the mystery event because it was all about them! Our professional actors know how to make the guests the stars, and the Sales Team from Millennium jumped at the chance to "perform". We even built team building elements into the mystery event!

Here's what Mason Brooks, new head of the team from Millennium, wrote,
"Your group was absolutely fantastic! They were engaging, funny and very lively. I went into the dinner thinking it was either going a great success or a complete flop, it was definitely the former. My team really enjoyed it. I had several people who attended come up to me in Miami and rave about the Murder on the Menu dinner. For many it was a first but even those who had done similar things before said yours was more original and drew you in by weaving personal bits and pieces into the plot. Excellent program!"

That's what we like to hear! To plan your next mystery event anywhere in the U.S., contact me at Murder on the Menu.

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