Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chocolate Scavenger Hunt

TeamBuilding Unlimited has created several different types of Scavenger Hunts, one of which is our Bar to Bar to Bar Scavenger Quest that has teams searching the City (any city) for creative fun items at coffee bars, alcoholic bars and includes chocolate bars. This interactive teambuilding event also incorporates information about your company, the location and your goals and objectives.

Since we also do Chocolate Tastings and other Chocolate team building events, we decided to design a special Chocolate Scavenger Quest. San Francisco could be renamed Chocolate City, but there are other cities and towns where this will work, too. Downtown Napa, San Jose, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, really the sky's the limit! What's unique about our Scavenger hunts is that the group must also incorporate information on their team and their company into the final presentation about their 'found' items, photos and other chocolate related tasks. Everyone's a winner in this Sweet Chocolate Scavenger Quest.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy the idea of a chocolate based scavenger quest. What a sweet and fulfilling concept.