Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BLANKETS OF HOPE: Charity Challenge

TeamBuilding Unlimited will lead your participants through this fun and meaningful Charity Challenge! Your participants will work in teams on these warm and cozy Blankets of Hope. After assembling these blankets, your team will donate the Blankets of Hope to children in hospitals, shelters, and other charitable organizations.

There are many different ways to assemble and finish these great fleece blankets, so there is ample room for creativity, as well as practicality. Team members will choose from a variety of patterns and styles of fleece, as well as finishing techniques. Working in teams of 2-3, these no-sew blankets are fun to make.

Once the blankets are completed, they will be donated to local organizations: Shelters, Police, Fire, Disaster, Hospitals or another charity.

This Charity Challenge is fun and altruistic. It benefits your team and the children who receive the Blankets of Hope. It's a Win-Win event for your group.

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