Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Recycled Runway: Team Building

One of  TeamBuilding Unlimited's latest Team Events is Project Recycled Runway, a fun competition that taps into the creativity and resourcefulness of your group. Teams are given the opportunity to design and construct garments, walk down the fashion runway, and create a pitch for their fashions that ties back to the goals and objectives and theme of their meeting/event.

Participants are the ‘designers’ as they work in teams under time pressure using newspaper, cardboard, garbage bags, cloth, recycled accessories, glue guns, staplers, and duct tape. This is a Green Team Building Event!

The challenge is to construct a team outfit using nothing but the materials provided. Teams need to construct their garments carefully, as their models will actually need to wear the outfits during the final and fun part of the event--the Corporate Team Runway. In addition, each team needs to work together to create a unique one minute Runway "Pitch".

Teams are judged on quality, style and ingenuity, as well as model ability and spokesperson's explanation. There is never a right answer in fashion, and the final show is always surprising and entertaining. Winning designs/teams will be judged by their peers and ‘celebrity’ judges.

This teambuilding activity is varied, collaborative, creative and engaging, generating team spirit. Project Recycled Runway really gets team members working and having fun together. Fast paced, fun and varied, this event really brings together large teams.

Teambuilding Unlimited works with your teams to incorporate your group’s goals, objectives, jargon and meeting theme into the event. Our trained facilitators help with team construction guidelines, but it’s up to each team’s ingenuity to execute and showcase their designs.

Which Team will win Project Recycled Runway? And which team will be out?

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