Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top Flight TeamBuilding on the USS Hornet

40 engineers from an international R&D company took to the top flight deck of the USS Hornet last week to design and 'fly' aircraft in a teambuilding event led by Frank Price of TeamBuilding Unlimited. Because of the unique setting, our Corporate Grand Prix event was transformed into the Top Flight Challenge with teams building 'vehicles' that included wings with the partial covering of, in this case, rip stop nylon.

With a backdrop of the City of San Francisco and various planes on the deck, teams of 6 designed and competed in the challenge. All planes stayed the course, although no went airborn! A good thing since they would have ended up in the Bay--design did not include 'landing gear.'

TeamBuilding Unlimited was pleased to create such a great event on such short notice. Great location, too!

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