Monday, August 22, 2011

The Chocolate Challenge: Sweet TeamBuilding

Who doesn't love chocolate? TeamBuilding Unlimited recently facilitated a Chocolate Challenge with a group of Biotech R&D folks on the terrace on the 30th Floor of the Hotel Vitale overlooking San Francisco Bay. The day was beautiful and overcast. Perfect for Chocolate "Building".

The Challenge: To Build New Offices out of Chocolate Products (M&Ms, Hershey Bars, Chocolate Graham Crackers & a lot more). A model, of course, but oh so sweet.

The finished office model had to stand up on its own and, except for the white cardboard base, had to be completely edible. Teams were given time to design and build, and then they had to present the results. Half the fun was explaining why they built what they built and how they built it.

What a fun event! Did I mention that some teams' supplies of chocolate dwindled before construction? What a surprise!

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