Friday, February 18, 2011

McDonald's Slated to offer Ultra-cheap McWeddings

I don't know about you, but I love beautiful venues for weddings: wineries, beaches, historic inns, and the like. McDonald's would not be my first choice. Nevertheless, starting this year, couples will be able to tie the knot at three McDonald's branch in Hong Kong. They’ll be offered in packages starting at HK$1000 ($129), which is a major savings from the typical HK$10,000 or $1300 price of a Hong Kong wedding.

Included with the reservation is a personalized menu, decorations, McDonald’s-themed gifts, a special apple-pie wedding cake, and a lone fry in place of the traditional cherry a couple shares prior to kissing.

Couples who opt for a McWedding aren’t guaranteed any privacy whatsoever. Other customers who walk in to grab a bite are welcome to watch the ceremony. In addition, McDonald’s doesn’t carry any liquor or beer, so there’ll be no drinking.

I don't think wedding planners need to worry. Who would want to do this?

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