Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Taste for Chocolate: Chocolate TeamBuilding

Team BuildingUnlimited offers Chocolate Teambuilding, but we also offer Chocolate Appreciation events such as our Ultimate Chocolate Tasting. Participants have an opportunity to truly understand the word "Chocolate!"

Chocolate brings to mind a flavor sensation that the entire world savors and craves. Food and nutrition, romance and love, health, history, power and culture are found in the cacao pod.

TeamBuilding Unlimited's Chocolate Facilitator guides your group through a tasty sensation tour of the world of cacao from the bean to the bar. History, geography, culture and myths are explored.

Use all of your senses as you discover and discuss this magical botanical wonderland of flavors, tastes, smells, touch and sights. "Chocolate!" is a fun and entertaining experience.

Participants will taste a variety of high-quality chocolate products to reach all of your senses and make this interactive event entertaining and memorable. If you're a confirmed chocoholic or a serious bystander, learning about chocolate can best be done by tasting.

Participants rate and discuss the chocolates based on appearance, aroma, texture--and of course taste. The group may also sample chocolate lotions, and other chocolate related products.

The Chocolate Tasting is awesome--and delicious. It's like a wine seminar only better--but all about chocolate. Frank Price is the chocolate facilitator,  and he expounds on  the culture, history and lore of chocolate. Usually he starts with a tasting of 45% cacao  and goes through 6-8 other %s ending up with 85% cacao. That's a lot of chocolate.

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