Monday, May 10, 2010

Go Fly a Kite! The Ultimate high flying team activity.

It's time to get out of the office and into the Great Outdoors! TeamBuilding Unlimited is here to make your experience fun and interactive and teambonding! What could be better than Kite Flying?

By nature, event and meeting planners want to control all of the factors and forces that go into making an event a success.

Go Fly A Kite “flies in the face” of our natural instincts. Go Fly a Kite is the perfect activity for an offsite, meeting or retreat! You’ll definitely want a place with wind, but this can be done on the Beach, at a picnic or in the park.

TeamBuilding Unlimited supplies each team with a variety of kite designs and plans on kitemaking. Each team is also given colorful pieces of rip stop nylon, wood for framing and all of the necessities and information to design, cut and assemble a team kite.

Then the fun begins. Each team selects the best person to launch the kite and keep it in flight. A touch of knowledge of physics is included in the TeamBuilding Unlimited packet, but teams sometimes struggle with the elements. How much wind is enough? How long should the kite’s tail be? In what direction and what method does the team use to launch the kite.

There are many forces and factors that each team must deal with that are beyond their “control”. As in business, teams must learn to adjust and coexist with these forces. Disaster may be just a moment away.If the kite flutters to the earth rather than going into a steep kite breaking nose-dive it can be, most likely re-launched. But can the team make the repairs to send up its kite again after the crash. Will it be on the sidelines of the challenge?

The range of possibilities can change in a moment. Teams learn that success can be on the edge of disaster. Pushing the kite, pushing the envelope, are metaphors for how to deal with the unknown forces that are not within our normal everyday environment. Quick reactions are required to deal with the ever changing environment.

TeamBuilding Unlimited's debriefing does not take the wind out of any team’s sails. Go Fly a Kite is a perfect team building activity for a day or afternoon outdoors! It's a Breath of Fresh Air!

Where to see and participate in Kite Flying on your own in the San Francisco Bay Area: 

World Kite Museum, Long Beach, WA
Kite League, Berkeley. Different times of year around Berkeley, CA. Demonstrations& Kite flying.
Old City Kites, Sacramento
Baylands Park, Sunnyvale. Wind and room to run and fly!

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