Saturday, March 6, 2010

Angel Island DiscoveryQuest

TeamBuilding Unlimited creates many customized DiscoveryQuests (Scavenger Hunts) on Angel Island, one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most historical sites. Angel Island is a California State Park located right in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

1. Angel Island Discovery Quest

To make the most of all the spectacular aspects of Angel Island-- the historical setting, the natural flora and fauna and the distant cities, waterways and more--TeamBuilding Unlimited's facilitators, will divide your groups into teams. Each team will be given specific instructions that direct them to numerous locations on the Island.

Throughout the Quest, teams will answer questions, take guesses, make observations and record the results. An incredible variety of clues-- all different and challenging--from road rallye to word puzzles-- will bring out the best of Angel Island as well as each team's creativity and perspicacity. Because the island includes so many possible locations, this DiscoveryQuest "walking tour" has some twists and turns that will allow the teams to make many fun decisions.

You'll also "Discover" a lot about your co-workers! What a fabulous setting and event to accomplish this!

2. Angel Island  Discovery Challenge Quest

A variation of our Angel Island DiscoveryQuest includes Challenge Facilitators at different locations along Team Routes. While the routes of the Discovery Quest and the DiscoveryChallenge Quest may be similar, the difference is that in the Challenge Quest, our facilitators have different special, surprise challenges at various semi-hidden locations along the Quest. Teams must compete at each activity and scores are recorded. Teams must make a whole new set of choices.

Both of these Scavenger Hunts are great for a Day on the Bay of Team Building/Team Bonding. Ferries leave San Francisco and Tiburon throughout the day. Angel Island has picnic grounds and other recreational facilities. There are rocky coves and sandy beaches, grassy slopes and forested ridges. Let TeamBuilding Unlimited lead your group in an amazing DiscoveryQuest you'll never forget!

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