Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Marvelous Mural/Quilt Art Project

TeamBuilding Unlimited's Marvelous Mural/Quilt Art Project is a variation on our Flags Flying team Event. This can be done for the office, for the team or to be donated to a senior center, charity or another venue.

Participants work in teams to "design" a piece of a Mural or Quilt that when assembled represents their group, products, company or another theme.

Each team gets 1-2 squares to design about their theme and/or company. Deciding on the theme of the quilt or mural is part of the challenge. TeamBuilding Unlimited works with your teams on color palette and technique -but the best part is the creativity of your participants. TeamBuilding Unlimited will guide your creativity, provide the materials, and facilitate the event. The "quilt or mural" is then assembled by your teams and can be displayed back at the workplace or donated to shelters, hospitals or other sites.

This team building event involves creativity, leadership, strategic thinking, sequenced planning and communication. Quilt/Mural Making is about Process, as much as art. Facilitators work with the teams to encourage them to think BIG.

The final product is a visual documentation of your team's understanding and awareness of the theme they have selected and the process through which they went.

Variations: Can be done with mixed media including found objects (recycle, reuse).

Goal: Separate parts that add up to one vision! The Big Picture!

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