Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't Blame the Business Trip

Ben Stein in the NYT on 3/21/09 had a great article. Basically, it was don't blame the business trip. Business travel is not the enemy. Business meetings: not the enemy. Yes, it's hard to see government money being given to entertain bailed-out companies in a lavish way, but the problem is that that animosity toward ill-advised travel has led to fear in business, and business people have been cancelling meetings left and right to forestall criticism.

Business meetings are not a waste of time. They're often necessary. It's important to have Face to Face meetings, especially now as so many companies are setting new goals, having reorgs and more. Read the entire article. Meetings cannot be replaced by mass emails and teleconferences. Now's the time to get together and meet!

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Dave Blum said...

I have to agree about the importance of face-to-face meetings. Everyone wants to do virtual meetings these days, because they "save money". But do they build trust? One of the key elements of trust is "demonstrating empathy"...very difficult to do when you don't have a face in front of you. IMHO.