Friday, January 2, 2009

New Team Building Events: Gimme Shelter

New TeamBuilding events for 2009. TeamBuilding Unlimited, our interactive customized teambuilding company, wants to meet the needs of the changing emotional and financial climate of meetings, conferences and special events. Now more than ever, companies are looking for teambuilding events that will help teams build morale, work together towards a common goals and incorporate tools and strategies they can continue to use back at work.

TeamBuilding Unlimited offers debriefing as well as fun, plus course correction and those new tools and strategies. We incorproate the goals and objectives, buzzwords and jargon and agenda into each and every event.

Here are a few new events we've added. Be sure and check TeamBuilding-Unlimited for other types of events and ideas. We'll be revamping our site, and keep checking our Blog, as we will be posting lots of types of events and situations to improve your team.

Gimme Shelter is a thoughtful activity that can be performed in most meeting spaces or outdoors. In these changing economic times, each team is challenged to 'seek shelter' (jargon and buzzwords of the meeting incorporated) by building a structure that will protect the entire group. Materials are distributed equally to each team. Specific Time is alotted to plan and build the shelter. There are some extra components in this activity that will surprise you. Communications skills (verbal and non-verbal), teamwork and organization. Debriefing on process, leadership, creative thinking, problem solving and ingenuity. This is a green activity. Recycled materials used.

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