Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread 'University" Building Competition

Twenty five insurance training/educators gathered together Friday at the Lodge at Tiburon to compete in a Gingerbread "University" building contest. Great ideas and great designs were the theme of the event, as each team of five put to use the best candy and gingerbread materials to build a 'real time' gingerbread university. It didn't matter that much of the company's training is done via webinar and internet. In addition to the structures, each team had to name their building and write and sing a song about it. The judges were hard put to choose the best. Each university was unique and spectacular. Prizes were awarded for first, second and third place. The Gingerbread universities then made the trek back to the company offices in San Francisco, hopefully without collapsing.

The real theme of the day was teambuilding/teambonding, and Murder on the Menu/TeamBuilding Unlimited delivered on that. Quite a fun event.

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