Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gilead Sciences TeamBuilding in Half Moon Bay

Sam's Chowder House in beautiful Half Moon Bay was the setting for two events--one from Murder on the Menu and another from TeamBuilding Unlimited! Sam's Chowder House has great food, beautiful views and a terrific beach, so it's no wonder that Gilead Sciences' Analytical Development Group chose this location for their one day offsite. The weather cooperated, and it couldn't have been a better place for a day of fun and surprises and great teambuilding.

Janet Rudolph wrote the mystery "Analyzing Murder" specifically for this group. Murder on the Menu scenarios always contain information on the group--their goals and objectives, jargon and buzzwords and specific guests. Acted out during lunch by Murder on the Menu's talented team of actors, the mystery quickly involved the guests. Within no time, the guests became the stars. Each table was a team. There were four crimes to solve, and these research and development group quickly tried to decipher clues as they became involved in "the Crime of their Life."

As if this wasn't enough fun and intrigue, Frank Price from TeamBuilding Unlimited, the other half of Murder on the Menu, prepared a series of Wacky Gilead Games for the group. Sand and wind didn't seem to bother a soul as they competed in the 'Wacky Games.'

The Gilead Sciences group learned a lot about each other through both the mystery and the games. This was the objective, and the goal was reached. We didn't have to debrief this group. They got it first time out. Friendships were made, working relationships changed, as the group got to know each other on new levels.

Raj Kaur, the main Gilead contact, sums up the day:

"It was so much fun!! Everybody enjoyed the whole event: the food, the murder mystery, and the wacky games. They all loved the whole idea. We enjoyed every single game. Thank you so much for your services!! You ROCK!! I will definitely hire you for my future events."

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