Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SFCVB Sets Sail

Only in San Francisco

The staff of the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau set sail today on a Cruise to Die For.... Some may have thought they were going on a holiday Bay Cruise, but pretty soon they realized more was afoot. Something was up when odd characters offered a partnership with a unique new San Francisco product--"San Francisco in a Bottle." Drink and eat in a bottle. These bottles were going to capture the many neighbors that make up San Francisco--Chinatown Chardonnay, Mission Merlot, South of Market Sauvignon, Beach Chalet Burgundy, and the list went on. The premise was to offer a bottle to each member of the SFCVB, cases to meeting planners and travel agents, and maybe later have the bottles for sale at the SFCVB. But the afternoon wasn't all about this 'fantastic' new wine.

The company that proposed it had some skeletons in their closet, and before the ship docked there were five crimes committed. Joe D'Alessandro, head of the CVB and someone who loves red wine and everything Italian, wanted justice done. Could he be bribed with a bottle of NorthBeach Red--part red wine, some pasta, a little tomato paste and lots of garlic? As it turned out, he was one of the suspects. Murder on the Menu's Ace detective, Frank T. Lawman (aka Peter Nachtrieb) grilled many suspects throughout the cruise. He even brought wanted posters on lots of the well-known suspects and bureau staff. But all good -or bad--things come to an end, at least in Murder on the Menu productions. Each table became a team as they matched wits with Frank T. The solution to the dastardly crimes came to light as the fog shrouded San Francisco Bay. This customized uniquely San Francisco Murder Mystery could happen "Only In San Francisco," everybody's favorite city.

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Michael Shaw said...

Sounds like a great event! Thanks for including the Beach Chalet in your "Bottled San Francisco" though I think our bottle might have to be filled with beer! :)

Come out and see us some time.
Cheers from the Beach Chalet!