Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Holiday Party Ideas

With the economy being what it is many companies are paring back their holiday parties. Murder on the Menu/TeamBuilding Unlimited has lots of ideas that won't strain the budget.

A full scale Murder on the Menu production is awesome, but if you don' t have the budget, consider hiring our
Arresting Detective. He breaks up your party and arrests 10-12 of your 'top' people for something great. Wanted posters, small gifts based on interests and foibles of the 'perps'. This is a good natured mini-roast. 30-45 minutes.

Want a new research lab but not sure where you'll find the funds? How about a Gingerbread Research Lab contest. We'll provide all the gingerbread, graham crackers, icing, decorations, prizes and more. Roll up your sle
eves and get in the spirit. Donate the Gingerbread Labs or Houses to hospitals or children's centers after the event.

Want to give back to the community instead of the usual holiday party?

How about our Charity Challenge?
  • Trikes for Tots is a great way to get into the holiday spirit as seen by children. After a series of competitive children's games, each team will build a tricycle and design a t-shirt that reflects your company and team. Trikes and t-shirts are then donated to local charities for kids in need.
  • Bears That Care is another Charity Challenge designed by Murder on the Menu/Teambuilding Unlimited. After a series of children's trivia and games, each participant will assemble a bear or another fuzzy animal and design a t-shirt for the animal. Stuffed animals will be donated to a local charity, police or fire organization.
Want to have the ultimate reward for your team? Consider a Chocolate Tasting. This luscious chocolate seminar guides you through the history and culture of chocolate and tastings of chocolate from 40% to 85% cacao. Like a wine tasting, only better... it's all about chocolate!

I'll be posting other options for you to do on your own. Stay tuned.

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