Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wine & Chocolate Tasting Team Event

TeamBuilding Unlimited has long been known for its  Chocolate Team Building, as well as its Winning Wine Team EventsTeamBuilding Unlimited also produces a combination event-- Team Wine: The Noir of Wine and Chocolate Tasting.

This event is a combination of two great tastes! Chocolate and Wine—to die for... Participants are given an opportunity to taste, sample and rate different Wines paired with great chocolate with different percentages of cacao. As participants sample each wine, they will use the five "S," seeing, swirling, smell, sip, and maybe spit, to compare colors, flavors and tastes. Teams will be given a chance to make comments, to keep score and to rate the wines and chocolates that they have tasted, as well as how they pair together.

Perfect for Team Events, Appreciations, or a Social Function!

Contact TeamBuilding Unlimited for this ultimate event!

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