Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Party with a Purpose: Philanthropic Holiday Events

TeamBuilding Unlimited is in the throws of holiday parties! Yes, our season begins on November 30 with a Trikes for Tots event. What a great corporate event.

In addition to Trikes for Tots, TeamBuilding Unlimited helps your team with many different Charity Challenges. Bears that Care, Murals, Operation Military Giving, Backpacks for Kids and so many more. One of my favorites is Rocking Horses. Not only does your team assemble high quality rocking horses, but they get to paint and decorate the horses.

For our next Rocking Horse Charity Challenge, the corporate teams will donate 10 rocking horses to Family/Child Centers in the North Bay. Sometimes the Rocking Horses are donated to Hospitals or Firestations or Toys for Tots. Whereever they go, the rocking horses are always appreciated, and your teams' efforts and creativity are enhanced by philanthropy and social responsibility.

What a great holiday season.


Linda Panszczyk said...

One local group here is organizing a Peanut Butter and Jolly event, after hearing that the food pantries were running low on peanut butter.

Janet Rudolph said...

What a wonderful idea!

Teambuilding said...

Awesome idea.Thanks for sharing.