Friday, November 20, 2009

Operation Military Giving: Charity Challenge

Operation Military Giving: Especially at the Holidays, but all year round, TeamBuilding Unlimited offers this very special team building event that supports our troops!

This Charity Challenge incorporates Corporate Social Responsibility with TeamBuilding/ and TeamBonding. TeamBuilding Unlimited will lead your teams through an engaging, team-building activity that culminates in the final challenge: the assembly of fun and important items in ‘care’ boxes for U.S Troops.
Items included cover a large variety of toiletries, books, dried food, cookies and candy, batteries, music, clothing, Ziploc bags, games, beverages, and other snacks which will be used to fill the boxes to the top. Choosing the items to go into the boxes will also be a team effort and will be coordinated by the TeamBuilding Unlimited facilitators. Whenever possible, the staff from the benefiting service organization is there to receive the donations and convey their appreciation. This will also inspire the teams to continue to be involved and send much needed care packages in the future. The reward for packing the boxes is the reward of giving back to the troops. What a great team bonding activity for your team! In addition, each team will design and execute a t-shirt to go with the donation of each box.

TeamBuilding Unlimited can also include a series of fun 'military' games to set the mood and determine the order of gift selection for the boxes.

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