Friday, August 28, 2009

Teambuilding: Improve your Work Culture

Today I thought I'd blog about why now more than ever team building events are so important to strengthen your corporate culture?

First, although you may have a wonderful product or services at your company, your employees are the lifeblood of your organization.
It's critical that your teams interact and the level of that communication and the interdependence that team members share among themselves decides the future potential of your company’s growth. It's important for companies to keep their teams satisfied and encouraged, so that the all over performance level of the company improves. Team Building events do this.

Second: When and why do a team building event.
When TeamBuilding Unlimited gets an inquiry from a client who is considering doing an event, we always ask "What are your goals and objectives?" Then we find out the reason they're getting together. Is this a sales kickoff? Are they having morale problems? Is this a new team? Next, we find out how often these people are together? Do these people interact on a personal level? and if so, how many times a year? Questions such as these help TeamBuilding Unlimited help companies meet their goals. The results of challenges and 'working" within constraints of fun and serious events can help bond and improve teamwork.

Sometimes an effective teambuilding event can be an eye-opener for both employee and for management. Often we hear people say, "I didn't know he was interested in chess. I'm a chess player, and we'll have to play together some time soon." or "I'm from Philadelphia, I didn't realize that Joan went to the same high school I did. Our parents have been friends for years." TeamBuilding events also bring out sometimes hidden skills and abilities of employees and management. Skills and interests that don't usually surface in the workplace, but will help the overall team in the future. Whatever the specific results, interpersonal relations can be strengthened by team events.
What makes a good team building program?
Start with a good company with a proven track record. Make sure the company is willing to customize to meet your goals and objectives, location, and agenda. TeamBuilding Unlimited has been in business for over 25 years, and we're the BEST! That's because our events are all about you.

Specifics on when to do a teambuilding event?
In addition to doing teambuilding events on their own as a half day, full day offsite or to break up a meeting, you can also combine teambuilding events with different activities such as award ceremonies (The Arresting Detective), games (Wacky Games) and cultural programs (Scavenger Quests) or spend a whole day at a retreat with a series of different types of events (Sandcastle building).

Many teambuilding events can be combined with Community Service. What better way to bond your employees while at the same time giving back to the community. TeamBuilding Unlimited offers several Charity Challenges such as Trikes for Tots and Bears that Care, and we also work with communities and non-profits on specific inservice events.

Participating in team events is a great way to build morale during this recession.

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