Friday, September 5, 2008

Wacky Mini-Olympic Games

California is sizzlin', and this may not be the last of the heat waves for the season. Now's the time to get out and go to the Beach! Energize your team with some Wacky Mini-Olympic Games or Sandcastle Building competition. Last week we did some Wacky Games in San Luis Obispo. Great Beach. Great teams. We integrated information on the group, their buzzwords, and company goals and objectives into the games. Frank Price who facilitated the games debriefed. Oh my, not all fun and games! Carefully disguised.

Too hot? Not near a beach? Wacky Mini-Olympics can be done inside an airconditioned meeting room or ballroom, depending on the size of the group. Last Spring we did a Wacky Games teambuilding event for a Japanese electronics company. Luckily we had a translator. 100 men and women in suits and dresses participated in the Games which were held on a tiny dancefloor. Guess that proves that our Wacky Mini-Olympic games can be done anywhere.

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