Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wine Themed TeamBuilding: The Black Wine Glass Challenge

The Black Wine Glass Challenge is one of TeamBuilding Unlimited's fun and unique wine team activities. Participants attempt to determine a wine's color without seeing it. What can your nose and mouth reveal to you that your eyes don't? If you can't see the color, can you even tell if it's red or white wine? The answer will surprise you!

Using only your sense of smell and taste, your team will figure out what's in the black glass. This is challenging for even the most well-versed (well-tasted) wine aficionado.

Black wine glasses are used for varietal secrecy, and participants are sometimes blindfolded to prevent peeking. Another play on this event is to use red and white wine aroma samples to help highlight and enhance certain wine characteristics of the blind samples served in each black glass.

The Black Wine Glass Challenge is guided by a wine expert who assists with the descriptive analysis to identify wine flavors and aromas.

Participants use their nose and palates to discover wine senses and try to figure out which type of varietal they are tasting. It is almost guaranteed their senses will play tricks on them!

Groups of 10 to 50!

Contact TeamBuilding-Unlimited for more information.

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